Certification & Education

Case Study: Interference for 2014

At this time, club reps are voting on the proposed ruleset. It seems inevitable this v4.0 ruleset is going to be utilized by a few tournaments prior the qualifying season, so that we could make adjustments accordingly depending on feedback. During this time, we are building our education materials, which will result in an even […]

The Rules Test is now available.

We are happy to announce the future of Referee Certification. We’ve launched this site and written a short quiz on the rules to be taken by teams competing in the NAHBPC as well as referees who are volunteering. Please bare with us as we develop this system, and if you’d like to contribute to this […]

Signup to Referee at North Americans!

Step 1: Register as a user here at ref.nahardcourt.com and select “Sign me up for NAHBPC” Step 2: Wait to be contacted by the Tournament Organizers. Step 3: Please try out our first Certification Lesson and Quiz and let us know what you think! (optional, but why not?)